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ValSac is a familiar company, it has grown over 30 years. Nowadays, the second generation is leading it.

Our trading focuss on the import, exchange and marketing, for every kind of sacks, big bags or burlaps. We work to ensure the quality and the speed in our deliveries, it is our value.

The ValSac worker team is young and dynamic. Improving for your benefit is our main and strictest wise, in this way we commit ourselves to look up quality and competitiveness, to be able to ensure , constantly,  the best products for best price warranty to our customers.

We keep in contact with the domestic and overseas market, wich allows us to know every needs and adapt to them althought they are in constant development.

All our products are tasted and subjected to safety control tests periodically.

Our company obtains the INDUSTRIAL SANITARY REGISTER for Raffia and Polypropylene sacks as well as every laboratory certificate included on the bulk BIG BAGS  standardization, that way we can ensure our customers better quality guarentee.We work with staff specializing in control and  merchandase classification as well as its pallet, surprotection, etc.

Our company philosophy is summed up a service vocation and a special interest in improving ourselves, providing our costumers the best products for best price.



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